Explanation from a practical point of view why abstraction is a very important part of the all OOP languages.

Introduction to the abstraction

Abstraction is the one of four main pillars of OOP — Object-Oriented Programming. What does it mean — to abstract some logic? It means to make that logic more general or…

Practical guide how to use memory cache in the .NET Core applications

Why use memory cache?

My assumption is a fact that almost of us — developers — had to read some data from an external sources etc. databases, cloud storages or APIs too frequently — the data which was almost identical all the…

Practical guide to implement generic repository and unit of work patterns in .NET Core C# application

About Repository & Unit Of Work patterns

As I suppose, repository pattern is being implemented in almost every modern database application — especially used in many web API online courses. The purpose of this approach is to abstract persistence (in our case EF Core) layer and querying database using these implementations. Another pattern, we are talking about…

Tomasz Nowok

NET Core backend developer | Computer Science student | Software engineering enthusiast

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